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Coffing RA Ratchet Lever Hoist 3/4 Ton

05301W (Discontinued)
Product Specs
Model05301W (Discontinued)
ManufacturerColumbus Mckinnon
Capacity3/4 Ton
Part NumberRA-15-5
Model or SeriesRA
Head Room12 7/16 inches
Weight14 lbs
Body TypeAluminum
Pull Force59 lbs
Handle20 1/2 inches
Lift Options5 feet
MPN05301W (Discontinued)

Coffing RA 3/4 Ton Ratchet Lever Hoist 5 Feet Lift- 05301W

Coffing ra model - Aluminum ratchet lever hoists utilize a ratchet and pawl design. The RA is an ideal lever chain hoist for transmission and distribution utility applications where a disc brake mechanism is not desirable.


  • RUGGED - Unit and handle made from high strength ductile aluminum alloy for corrosion resistance and portability.
  • FREE CHAINING MECHANISM - Allows quick and easy one-handed take-up and positioning of slack chain. Will not accidently free chain when under load.
  • RATCHET AND PAWL DESIGN - Provides easy operation and freedom from maintenance. One pawl is always engaged with the ratchet during lifting and lowering operations, so handle will not ratchet when lowering a load if handle is unintentionally released.
  • OPEN BODY CONSTRUCTION - Permits easy inspection of suspension hook assembly. 
  • HANDLE STOPS - Keep handle from spinning in case operator’s hand accidently slips off the handle.
  • MULTIPLE RIGGING OPTIONS - Hoist can lift, pull, or bind. Can be operated from either side and will work in any position with equal efficiency.
  • TOP SLING MODELS - Allow secure fastening around posts, beams, and other anchor points for easy rigging. RAR model has 30” sling with grab hook.

Lift Options for the Coffing RA Lever Hoist:

  • 5 Feet - Part Numbers: RA-15-5  / MPN: 05301W

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